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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A walk towards love through Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is an appearance of emotion, affection and love. It is an immortal story of two hearts Shahjahan and Mumtaz. It is said that Shahjahan was completely lovesick by the death of his beloved wife Mumtaz and his endless love for her inspired him to give a tribute to her so that people could remember his love for Mumtaz year after year. Thereafter, this best white marvel was designed by Shahjahan and people find it shocking and exquisite. The monument is two and hundred years old but still it is attracting millions of travelers across the globe.

The monument is the gem of Indian Art Ocean and found a great example of Muslim architecture. A fascinating design and spectacular interiors, Taj Mahal is unimagined masterpiece of India and a UNESCO world heritage site.

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You will also get shocked to listen that the Mausoleum took initial twenty-two years to finish and thus the wait paid off and it is admired by all people. The most important part of this Taj Mahal is its white Marvel. Moreover, it is situated in the Agra city at the bank of river Yamuna. It is not a gift for Mumtaz but it is an unparallel thing which was given by Mughal emperor Shahjahan to the globe.
So if you want to experience the beauty and love of this eye-catching monument, pack your luggage as soon as possible and see the romantic gesture of Taj.


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