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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Exploit the ‘Second London’ of the African Continent with Flights to Abuja

The city of Abuja is a striking and rambling city hallowed with artistically God-made ordinary and architectural magnetized attractions. It is alienated into few districts which houses countless traditional and enriching structures. The city is crammed much more than Lagos but continues to welcome packs of visitors from round the world.

The astonishing conurbation has immeasurable prevailing features on the tranquil backdrops like the gigantic Aso Rock that is positioned on the periphery of the city has recently been founded by the erosions of waters collected since ages.  Nonetheless there are a fist-full of attractions in the capital of Ghana that excites charming travellers to take cheap international flights to Abuja from London Heathrow.

Enjoy this tourist friendly city best in the month of October.

The Spectacular Rocks & Hills of Abuja: With low cost flights to Abuja avail the chance to visit the rambling rocks and hills of the Abuja. The very personality of Abuja has been fashioned by the two distinguished rock pattern that one gets to see. Namely the Aso and Zuma Rock. These were previously referred to as the ‘Spectacular Gateway to Abuja', and still bears the name.

Zuma Rock: The noteworthy and marvelous Zuma is positioned a little off the core area that goes from Abuja to the area of Kaduna which is undeniably of great worth to visit. Enjoy the services and facilities which magnetize tourists from the surrounding area to board dirt cheap flights to Abuja Nigeria. These riveting places are enough to Abuja to be toured in a day.

Aso Rock: The Aso Rock is few of those prevalent rock arrangements contained by the close propinquity to the main Abuja City. The foremost axis of the Central District rises to virtually 400 meters above the sea level and towers grandly at the backdrop of the Three Arms Zone. It is so named as this area is the habitat to the National Assembly, Presidential Complex and the majestic Supreme Court. With cheap flights you can also avail all-inclusive vacation packages to Abuja.

This city derivatives its name from the term ‘Aso' which means triumph and was formerly called “Asokoro” or the ‘valiant people of victory’. The innovative village of Asokoro was foremost positioned at the bottom of the rock and survived there for centuries after centuries. Plan your vacations with Right flights to Abuja to view the breath-taking architecture and natural wonders of the city and the surroundings.
Minister's Hill: With cheapest airfares to Abuja Nigeria you can witness the Ministers Hill is an array of hills advantageously nested further than the environs of the Maitama District. The stunning panoramic sight atop the hill envelops the whole Maitama District. After speculating this region one can advance towards the Dutse range which is a bit further away. It is a wildlife haven for several forms of animals with baboons being the most prominent.

With cheap flights uk to Abuja Nigeria from London get a possibility of exploring this tantalizing city of Africa. The Abuja Nursery is also a must-visit which is positioned at the foot of Aso Rock. It is a botanical garden with a shocking assortment of species of fruits, trees, flowers and countless other plants.

National Arboretum: With Abuja flights discover the Nation Arboretum which can be accessed by tourists and other guests with special entrée passes. The reason of the Arboretum is to preserve the forest and added plant life surrounded in their innovative natural condition.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Go Beserk! The Ghanaian Capital will Enthrall you with it’s Colloquial Precincts

Accra, the capital of Ghana and one of the largest metropolitan areas in Africa is a very beautiful destination and has been most preferred place for holidays by Voyagers. This city is established on the shores of Gulf of Guinea and has been blessed with some nice widespread beaches. With cheap flight to Accra from London, one can enjoy some iconic landmarks of this city and also can admire the diversity of nature.

The city is the location of Kotoka International Airport, one of the gateways for the voyagers from rest of the world. Getting around the city is very easy by different modes of transportation like Tro Tro, taxis and metered taxis that are the most fluent mode of transportation. Get cheap flights to Accra from London and one may also be able to hire an SUV car with a driver/guide that can help commuting as well as understanding the city.

The best time to go to Accra is from the month of July to August when the festivals takes place as well as the climate gets very adorable. With international flights to Accra, one can visit to some iconic places like Bojo Beach that is the best place to hangout with family and friends and can spend a day on beach by playing, relaxing and partying. One may also visit One may also visit to Aburi Botanical Garden to see the glimpse the diversity of African flora.

Tourist Attractions in Accra

With cheap flight  to Accra from London, one can visit to Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park that is a theme park dedicated to the founder of Ghana. This place has several belonging of its first president and founder Kwame Nkrumah that are displayed to the public in this park. This place has a soothing environment and one can spend a whole day by just exploring about Ghana’s founder.

One may also like to visit the specialty of Accra and that is its beautiful white sand beach. There are several beaches in Accra like Labadi Beach and Coco Beach but above all, Bojo beach is the favorite of all. Here one can spend a whole day just partying or relaxing. This is a nice place to admire the wonder of nature and also a nice place to click some exclusively delightful Pictures.

Foodies will like this city for the diverse range of cuisines served with a quality service. One can find all kinds of International Cuisine here like Thai, Continental, Italian, Chinese and above all the traditional dishes. One can visit to Labone to find some authentic restaurants for traditional Ghanaian food. One may also visit to Osu to have a decent bite of any kind of cuisine needed.

Shopeholics will find some nice places from where they can buy all kinds of goods they need. With low cost Right flights to Accra, one can visit to Makola Market and Kaneshie Market where they will find a nice range of branded as well as local shops. These are the places from where they can buy the stuff in to buy list at a very reasonable price.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Discover the Jostle and Flurry in the Tanzanian Burghal with cheap flights to Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam commenced as a minuscule fishing town that transformed into a melting pot of Arabic, African and South Asian assorted cultures. The name means ‘Haven of Peace’ is quite factual, but highly peaceful with historical buildings and picturesque seaport. It stands as the humongous city in the exotic Tanzanian soil. As you advance towards Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR), Tanzania with discount flights to Dar es Salaam from UK, the coastal strip can bring in a smile and a sense of awesomeness.

Striking elements in this city are the important sea routes that instigated trade and tourism that can be witnessed with cheap tickets to Dar es Salaam (DAR), Tanzania.

Stay & Accommodation in Dar es Salaam

There are ample of accommodations options in the city that you can choose from. Starting from the centrally-located modern hotels to the plush and stylish guesthouses and bagpackers dig, visitors enjoy overstaying to grab the crux of this fascinating city when they flock in with cheap flights to Dar es Salaam that reaches faster with reasonably economical deals.

Among Dar es Salaam hotels, the Royal Palm is the most ideal residence for people coming in for business tours or a holiday. It tenders amazing hospitality and out-view of the city. The Oyster Bay possesses a more intimate surrounding facing the sea. The Kilimanjaro Hotel Kempinski is one of the renowned hotels positioned at the core of the city. For the more adventurous, there are plenty of safari houses that stir up authentic fun and adventure among the woods.

Grab cheap flights uk to Dar es Salaam from Crystal Travel at pocket-friendly price

Tread the Kilimanjaro - Important Attraction of Dar es Salaam

Attractions of Dar es Salaam are a miscellaneous contrivance of German, Swahili, Asian and British influences. St. Joseph’s Cathedral, the Lutheran Church and the German Hospital are few of the prominent edifices that draw visitors all through the year. You can experience reunion with the past at the National Museum and the Makumbusho Village Museum.

For rejuvenation of the soul the Botanical Gardens are just the right spot for a picnic or a stroll. Gawk at the mystifying Askari Monument, the Pugu Hill Forest Reserve and the Old Boma. Other than these splendorous sights you can venture out into the nature with diving, bird watching, trekking, basking at the Coco Beach and drown in the ultimate thrill on the Silversea Cruise. Don’t miss these frivolities and book low-cost flights to Dar es Salaam Tanzania.


Dar es Salaam has dressed itself with some elegant shopping malls, departmental stores and boutique arcades, not only exposing the cultural artifacts and items but other charming souvenirs and day to day products as well. The Msasani Peninsula never fails in displaying a whole lot of well-made but rare priceless African artistry. While you save for your shopping hunt with cheap airfare to Dar es Salaam, you might as well save more on tempting holiday packages and tours.

The Slipway Shopping Center holds at least a dozen-and-more worthy stores catering to holiday-makers flying in with cheapest flights to Dar es Salaam(DAR) from the United Kingdom (UK) to indulge in the shopping madness. Covet and catch up with priceless antiques, prismatic Zanzibari slippers at the heart-throb African Dream outlet and handmade and hand-dyed cotton at Yatima store. Not to forget and ignore One Way, Flea Market, the Oyster Bay Shopping Center and the Treasures of Africa.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A walk towards love through Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is an appearance of emotion, affection and love. It is an immortal story of two hearts Shahjahan and Mumtaz. It is said that Shahjahan was completely lovesick by the death of his beloved wife Mumtaz and his endless love for her inspired him to give a tribute to her so that people could remember his love for Mumtaz year after year. Thereafter, this best white marvel was designed by Shahjahan and people find it shocking and exquisite. The monument is two and hundred years old but still it is attracting millions of travelers across the globe.

The monument is the gem of Indian Art Ocean and found a great example of Muslim architecture. A fascinating design and spectacular interiors, Taj Mahal is unimagined masterpiece of India and a UNESCO world heritage site.

Well, if you want to take a glimpse of Taj Mahal then book a Same day Taj Mahal tour right now!
You will also get shocked to listen that the Mausoleum took initial twenty-two years to finish and thus the wait paid off and it is admired by all people. The most important part of this Taj Mahal is its white Marvel. Moreover, it is situated in the Agra city at the bank of river Yamuna. It is not a gift for Mumtaz but it is an unparallel thing which was given by Mughal emperor Shahjahan to the globe.
So if you want to experience the beauty and love of this eye-catching monument, pack your luggage as soon as possible and see the romantic gesture of Taj.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

How Have The Direct Flights To Perth Facilitated Tourism here?

Perth is located in Australia.
The metropolis has a humid type of climate. The summers are hot and humid. The weather is influenced by the south-west winds. The winters are cold and dry. Tourists often visit the city during the time of Christmas. They prefer to be at this place during December. It is one of the best seasons to visit this place. It is because of the enthusiasm of the city and its people regarding this festival. This venture is made easier by the direct flights to Perth. Since it is the peak season it might be a little difficult to get the tickets, but one can always check up the internet for early bookings. This way one can also avail to discounts, and make their trip a more economical. One should also be careful as to what clothes they carry according to the season during which they place to visit this metropolis.  This would reduce their luggage and help them avoid the any problem they might have to face if they are carrying extra luggage than what is allowed.

The economy of the metropolis is one of the most developed in the world. The per capital income of its people is high. The people lead a high standard of living. The industrial development is good here. One of the biggest industries here is the tourism industry. The government has taken various measures for the expansion of this industry. One of the first steps it took was to take notice of the airports and upgrade them. The direct flights to Perth were increased. There were special offers for tourist coming to visit this place during different seasons. All of this further increased the number of people who chose this destination as the one where they could spend a great holiday with their friends and family.

There are a number of well renowned institutions in this place. These offer scholarships to meritorious students. Various subjects are taught like Science, Mathematics, History, philosophy and psychology. The faculty is excellent and the techniques employed to teach the students are great. It takes special care of the needs of the students who come from other countries. Even if the distances may be long, the journey is facilitated by the direct Perth flights. The flights are comfortable and can be booked at a short notice.

Tourists are welcomed well. The people are friendly and help in case one needs something. There are a number of good hotels and resorts provided with excellent services to make the tourists have a memorable holiday. There are both cheap and expensive ones available; one can opt according to their preferences. The night life is good here. There are a number of parks and gardens here where one can always go for relaxation and fresh air. There are lots of shopping centers. One can engage into lots of shopping and buy things for their closed ones back home. The commodities are cheap and very unique. All these ventures are facilitated by the direct Perth flights.

The Bedazzling City awaits Direct Flights to Kuala Lumpur

The enigmatical and enchanting capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur or KL is a vibgrant mix of diverse races and culture. This Garden city of lights is a dish full of eclectic flavors which can be experienced accompanied by loads of fun, and pictorial cityscape and key attractions offered. Indulge in the plethora of fun filled activities and never cracking adventures that will leave you high spirited all along your holidays spent in this enthralling city. World renowned holidays, stunning cultural performances, resounding nightlife, and tranquil parks are all you will get to experience in this Malaysian capital.

Sprawling Attractions

Batu Caves Kuala Lumpur: Plan your fascinating and exciting holidays with Direct Flights to Kuala Lumpur and head to the 11 kilometres to the north of Kuala Lumpur to the amazing Batu Caves. These caves are made of a limestone hill which comprises of three foremost caves and a number of smaller ones. This attraction spot is most visited by travellers from around the world to sight the 100 year old temple featuring the idols and statues erected inside the main caves and around it, a major tourist spot for the Hindus.

Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve: Earlier known as the Bucket Weld Forest Reserve. Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve is one of the most former permanent forest reserves in KL. This reserve hosts a welcome bit of verdant land amidst the clattery cosmopolitan. Being sprawled 11 hectares it is the only left tropical rainforest in the heart of the magnificent cosmopolitan. Enjoy the soothing walks in the well maintained trails after landing with Direct Kuala Lumpur Flights.

Butterfly Park: The Butterfly Park is nested in Lake Gardens and is an open house to more than 6,000 butterflies from 120 diverse species. It hosts a personified landscaped of bushy garden and full of vibrant budding flowers and mesmerising butterflies floating and coasting the garden and people. Besides this one can also sight other species of insects in the park.
KLCC Park: The KLCC Park is a fantastic and spell bounding masterpiece conceptualized by the world acclaimed Brazilian landscape artist, the late Roberto Burle Marx. Take Direct Flights to Kuala Lumpur and rush to the fascinating KLCC Park which is spread across the 50-acre of urban area in the heart of the cosmopolitan. The mesmerising laid park is one of the main highlights of the city and allures visitors with it spectacular and charming dancing water fountains at the Lake Symphony, considered by many as a work of art on its own. This park is a home to around 1,900 trees and plants from 74 indigenous species. Jog or walk around the specially prepared trails and tracks in the park accompanied with a two-acre children’s playground sprawled and a 43-metre elevated bridge that provides a advantage to sight the twin towers.

Lake Gardens: With Direct Kuala Lumpur Flights one can head and roam in the amazing and becharming Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens. This area is also recalled as the Taman Tasik Perdana and is nestled amidst the calming and soothing area of the secondary forest in Perdana Street. It is an ideal spot for recreational activities and is much like a botanical garden hosting many budding and beautiful flowers, exotic plants and verdant tall trees landscaped into the park.

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