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Monday, 24 June 2013

Unearth the Surfers’ Paradise in Captivating Cape Town

Cape Town is one heck of a city, highly attractive and modern and adventurous like a dare devil. When it comes to be spontaneous and adventurous, there are a very few cities that can run toe to toe with Cape Town. If you are looking for holidays in such a city, Cape Town is one of the perfect choices in whole world that you can visit through cheap tickets to Cape Town.

Cape Town is known as one of the leading surfing sites in the world, the surfing paradise, organizing various international and regional events in the category. You can also challenge the might waves of sea with cheap flights to Cape Town from Birmingham.

Cape Town Surfing Sites

Llandudno: A small coast side suburb, located in Southwestern region of the city, Llandudno is one highly visited place and one of the main reason for visiting is the sea shore with high waves and currents, making it a splendid place for surfing. A word of caution, waves in Llandudno are literally high, so if you are rookie or not a professional, just drop on the white sand beach and enjoy stunning surroundings.

Big Bay: One small beach having a spectacular view of Table Mountain, Big Bay highly known among surfing enthusiasts, thanks to its rocky points extending into sea and creating a small bay with nice high waves. Big Bay is also one of those places in Cape Town which are known as rapture for professional surfing.

Queens : Located in Southern ends of the city, Queens gives you great chances for swimming and surfing. Pretty nice current and moderate wave heights makes Queens a place where you can work on your surfing skills or learn this dare devil audacious activity. Closeness to the city center makes Queens a great point for trolling around too, so even if you are not into surfing and all, you can still enjoy on this beach.

Derdesteen : Rookie Surfing dreamland, where you can really brush-up your surfing skills and get closer to be a professional, Derdesteen is the spot for you. So grab your chances with Derdesteen after getting off from Airlines Flights in Cape Town and reach new levels of excitements while getting better in Surfing.


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