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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Get the Daring’s of Cape Town with the Lowest Budget

Cheap flights to Cape Town from Manchester provide enthralling opportunities to bask in the unique charm of this mystical South African Metropolis. Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, South African Airways and Emirates are reputed names in aviation industry that offers lucrative offers for tourists flying from UK.

Accommodation for Peanuts

Cape Town is a contemporary South African metropolis and a tourist friendly hotspot. There are options for all visitors. From hostels to back packers’ hotels, from guest houses to opulent hotels, Cape Town has it all.
For budget travel in Cape Town there are numerous hostels and back packers’ hotels that are located all over the city. For vacationers there are many guest houses and hotels that are well serviced and have all modern facilities.
Weather at Cape TownDecember to March is the best time to holiday in Cape Town. Blessed with a unique weather influenced by the two mighty oceans and mountains, the metropolis is always full of surprises.Getting around Attractions

Natural beauty, exhilarating adventures and several attractions sum up Cape Town. Resplendently gorgeous, the metropolis looks and feels different from the rest of South Africa. All modes of transports are available in the city.
Trust-worthy Taxi RentalsPublic transport is not very convenient. Cars on hire, taxis are generally preferred. There are numerous car rental companies all over the city. Taxis in the metropolis are convenient and comfortable and are metered.
Perfect climate for mountaineeringVisitors flying with Cape Town Flights are guaranteed exhilarating vacations while touring the splendid metropolis. Its exceptional topography offers a diversity of activities, from windsurfing and mountain climbing to wine tasting and sun bathing. But city’s real draw is its vivacious multiculturalism.

Explore South African Gems

A setting for many picturesque wonders, brilliant seascapes and panoramic vistas, the city is an incomparable treasure, resulting from its multi cultural composition. Board direct flights to Cape Town South Africa and drench yourself in the natural bliss accompanied with exhilarating adventures of the South African City.
Cape Town is a city of culture, built on a history that reflects in the architecture, cuisine, music and dance. Being nestled between two deep oceans, the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, Cape Town provides with a plethora of water sports and places to stay in Cape Town.

Endless Attractions

Scuba diving, deep sea diving sand boarding, surfing and swimming in clear waters, swimming with sharks are the major water attractions. The high peaks enclosing the city are blessed with many adventures. Trekking, hiking, mountain climbing, camping, sky diving, paragliding, hot air balloon rides and many more.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Pampering Your Hunger with Delectable Dining on Holidays in Hanoi

The city of Hanoi, the second largest metropolis of Vietnam and the capital city of the country is an emerging holiday destination for Londoners to escape for fascinating and magnificent holidays in summers. The city is quite ravishing and has many historical and cultural values to follow but the best thing about Hanoi is its delicious food which attracts the Londoners most and gave them the reason to board cheap flights to Hanoi from London every year for a captivating holiday session.

Restaurants in Hanoi for Delightful Diner

True Viet Restaurant

This is one of the best restaurants in the region of Tay Ho where you will find this amazing and really cute restaurant serving the variety of delicious Vietnamese cuisines. The restaurant is quite efficient for its service, sitting and taste and there are plenty of dishes to try for the first timers in Hanoi. Try the delicious menu of Rolls that are really exquisite and has a variety and taste that will lure you to visit here again and again.

Bluebird Restaurant

This restaurant is the hot favorite food joint for the locals and foreigners of course at Tay Ho where you will find this neat and elegant restaurant serving some of the magnificent dishes making as its own signature with some variation. Try out Fries, steak sandwich and sea food which is really spectacular. The best part about the restaurant is its friendly serving and the manager who is really polite and friendly person.

Bia Hoi

This restaurant is moreover a bar but serving some of the most exquisite starters and snacks to have with chilled beer. At Duong Thanh, this restaurant cum bar is the hot favorite choice for local youngsters and night crawlers. The restaurant serves a great range of snacks as well as main course but everything is under the bridge of beers and cocktails served here. Service and price are remarkably nice and affordable and you will love to spend your evening here again and again.
The Gourmet Corner Restaurant

The restaurant has won the award of excellence from many restaurant awarding organizations selected by customers itself. At Hoan Kiem District, this restaurant is here from past decade serving the most delightful cuisines of Vietnamese culture with grace and love. Have a great time with friends and beloved and enjoy the mild and soothing lights while having the most delicious beef in bamboo, banana crepe and nem hue that are really spectacular.

Essence Restaurant

This restaurant is the best restaurant in entire city and serving almost every local and cultural dish underneath its roof. At Hoan Kiem District, it’s a restaurant where you can have the most romantic time with beloved or wife and enjoy a nice course of some of the magnificent Vietnamese dishes ever. The services and taste are really spellbinding and you will love each bite here at its peak.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Shopping – The Best Way to Explore Real Dar Es Salaam

The desirous and captivating city of Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam, that is becoming as one of the best cities in entire Africa to visit and spend some quality and memorable summer holidays is really a delight to visit with friends, family and beloved and to explore the dynamic and cultural Tanzanian Civilization. The city is quite astonishing and many Londoners love to escape with cheap flights Tickets to Dar Es Salaam from London for a magnificent summer holiday with friends.

The city is quite renowned for its captivating sites but apart from that, there are plethoras of places to shop in Dar where you can hit and fill up your cart and get something useful for like souvenirs or anything required during holidays.

Best Shopping Places in Dar Es Salaam

Shoppers Plaza

If you are looking for a western style shopping, well here is the best place you can visit and get the same. At Old Bagamoyo Road, this magnificent and gigantic shopping center is loaded with almost every major international brand selling the wide range collection of that brand. The mall is quite appreciable and you will love to go for either window or serious shopping here. The prices are just reasonable for branded outlets and local shopkeepers keep the tradition of charging reasonable from every customer.

Kariakoo Market

This is one of the biggest markets in the city at Dar Es Salaam and itself a landmark for being really famous and trusted. The market has a vast range of products selling by hundreds of shopkeepers at the very best price available in the city. From here, you can get anything from brand new to used products at a very good price. It is advised to try for bargain as the shopkeepers tries to charge extra from the foreigners and take the advantage of being unknown and tries to sell the things that are not even required.

Nyumba Ya Sanaa

This is a great place to purchase things for souvenirs and for your own drawing room’s decoration at a very good price. At Ohio Street, this incredible art gallery is really amazing and has this wide collection of leather, wood carved and jewelry things that are clearly showcasing the culture, art and tradition of Tanzanian civilization and are truly beautiful and good to buy. The prices are also really reasonable and you can buy plenty of things without losing too much of cash.

Msasani Slipway Weekend Craft Market

This market is one of the most renowned art and craft markets in entire Tanzania at Msasani Slipway where you will find these plenty of shops selling different kinds of crafted souvenirs and artifacts. The market is apparently remains quite crowded due to huge demand and limited time of opening but this is probably one of the best places in the city to get something great to presents your friends and family waiting back at home for their gifts purchased from Dar Es Salaam.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Find Luscious Diet in Boulevards of Ho Chi Minh City

Kingdom of Ho Chi Minh city is indescribably a sizzling and popular conurbation of Vietnam, established from centuries and survived from many outrageous battles. The city comprises with enough locations and sights that are beautifully adorable and has some magnetizing impact, to witness people from around the globe and especially UK takes cheap flights to Ho Chi Minh City from Birmingham with Tam Airlines Flights. We all have heard about the delights of Far Eastern food and if you are planning to visit here, go try some of the mouth-watering cuisines and dishes of Vietnam that are best to be enjoyed in summer.
To give you a perfect direction, here we, Crystal Travel and Tours bring a list of Top 5 Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City to feast up with the delightful range of luscious food.
Top 5 Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City for Lip-Smacking Cuisines

Five Oysters
This is one of the finest and cheapest restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City at Bui Vien Street where you will find an incredibly cheap but superb restaurant serving some special signature dishes along with many astounding Vietnamese traditional cuisines. Try the hot favorite Five Oysters Roll and Pancakes that are highly recommended and are quite cheap as well. You can also enjoy a swing of booze at cheapest price here.
Cuc Gach Quan
This restaurant is one of the artistic and fancy restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City at Dang Tat where you will find some of the delicious and admirable dishes with some unique and gentle serving. The services here are top notch and you will find a giant menu of traditional Vietnamese cuisines with utterly delicious taste. Try out Soft Shall Crabs, Spring Rolls, Soups and Fried Brown Rice with Prawns.
This is the hot favorite restaurant among voyagers and natives as well at Hoang Sa where you will find the best of the best Vietnamese cuisines served in particularly fanciest manner. The delight of food is quite admirable in the lights and atmosphere this restaurant keeps. Take Silky Tofu with Chilly and Lemongrass, Duck Breast on Ginger and soothing drinks that are enough to set your mood and give you a nostalgic dinner ever.
KOTO Saigon
This is a lovely, fancy and luxurious restaurant in the city at Hai Ba Tung Street where you can have some of the incredible dishes of Vietnamese culture. The place has an atmosphere to boost your feast and give you more diet than ever by the aroma of delicious dishes and great music. You can have here a great deal of food made by trained street kids from professionals.
Nha Hang Ngon
This is an incredibly astonishing place to have a romantic dinner with beloved or wife at Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street where you will find a gigantic menu of some of the finest and famous cuisines belongs from the historical culture of Vietnam. The place itself is quite huge and has some decent lights and music to set a romantic mood for a candle light dinner.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Enjoy Magic of Ethiopian Culinary on Addis Ababa Holidays

If African Culture and culinary fascinates you and you want to experience blend of almost all African cultures at one place, the Ethiopian metropolis 'Addis Ababa' is the place you should reach for, that you can visit through cheap tickets to Addis Ababa. Often called as African Capital, Addis Ababa is one of the fastest growing and one of the most visited cities in whole Africa, making its reputation as a great host in the continent.

Addis Ababa is one of the most significant cities in Africa, the home for countless NGO's and UNECA (United Nations Economic Council for Africa), this Ethiopian Primal city is serving whole continent with its international relevance. Book now for cheap flights to Addis Ababa from Birmingham and explore this sprawling city from Eastern Africa.

Ethiopian Cuisines

Local dishes and cuisines is one of the most essential parts of any holiday in a foreign land and when you are visiting the capital city of the region it becomes a treat for your mouth and stomach as most of the epicenters are hub for all kinds of regional food from the country. Addis Ababa is no different in this manner, so, let's discuss some of the delicious Ethiopian dishes that you may try on your Addis Ababa holidays.

Injera: Injera is most commonly consumed dish in Ethiopia, made from grain and available in various varieties in the country known as nech, kay, tikur, etc. Injera basically looks like chapati served with varities of stews or salad or sauces, depends entirely on you how you'd like to enjoy the dish.

Lentil: Lentil is basically a salad, this quick to make and highly nutritious salad is one of the most famous dishes from the country which has been aquired in many other culinary around the world. Lentil takes only 20-25 mins in preparation and includes tomato, green onions, olive oil, mustard, etc. you can enjoy this salad anytime in year and day.

Zigni: Zigni is basiclly spiced beef, highly spicy and amazingly delicious. Zigni is literally a treat for beef lovers, contains obviously beef, ginger, coriander, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, etc. Zigni is an exotic dish served hot and you are adviced to order a drink or two as precaution for high spicey taste of this dish.

Wat: Wat, also known as the national dish of Ethiopia, is basically a stew based dish prepared with any sousage of your choice e.g. chicken, beef, lamb, mutton or vegetable. Wat is also a pretty highly spiced dish that comes with rich curry and best served hot in main course. 

Monday, 24 June 2013

Unearth the Surfers’ Paradise in Captivating Cape Town

Cape Town is one heck of a city, highly attractive and modern and adventurous like a dare devil. When it comes to be spontaneous and adventurous, there are a very few cities that can run toe to toe with Cape Town. If you are looking for holidays in such a city, Cape Town is one of the perfect choices in whole world that you can visit through cheap tickets to Cape Town.

Cape Town is known as one of the leading surfing sites in the world, the surfing paradise, organizing various international and regional events in the category. You can also challenge the might waves of sea with cheap flights to Cape Town from Birmingham.

Cape Town Surfing Sites

Llandudno: A small coast side suburb, located in Southwestern region of the city, Llandudno is one highly visited place and one of the main reason for visiting is the sea shore with high waves and currents, making it a splendid place for surfing. A word of caution, waves in Llandudno are literally high, so if you are rookie or not a professional, just drop on the white sand beach and enjoy stunning surroundings.

Big Bay: One small beach having a spectacular view of Table Mountain, Big Bay highly known among surfing enthusiasts, thanks to its rocky points extending into sea and creating a small bay with nice high waves. Big Bay is also one of those places in Cape Town which are known as rapture for professional surfing.

Queens : Located in Southern ends of the city, Queens gives you great chances for swimming and surfing. Pretty nice current and moderate wave heights makes Queens a place where you can work on your surfing skills or learn this dare devil audacious activity. Closeness to the city center makes Queens a great point for trolling around too, so even if you are not into surfing and all, you can still enjoy on this beach.

Derdesteen : Rookie Surfing dreamland, where you can really brush-up your surfing skills and get closer to be a professional, Derdesteen is the spot for you. So grab your chances with Derdesteen after getting off from Airlines Flights in Cape Town and reach new levels of excitements while getting better in Surfing.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Three Reasons, Why you should choose Dar es Salaam for Holidays

Dar es Salaam is one remarkable city, perhaps pretty small in size but this city carries immense potential to become a leader among holiday destinations from East Africa. Book now for cheap tickets to Dar es Salaam and enjoy this amazing Tanzanian metropolis and its beautiful attractions and great markets over these holidays.

Dar es Salaam is the biggest city from Tanzania, reputed as the most prosperous city in country; Dar es Salaam is serving the homeland as the heart of all financial activities. Founded and developed by Sultan Majid around 1882, Dar es Salaam is also carrying reputation for being one of the most serine and most peaceful holiday destinations in the world that you can visit with cheap flights to Dar es Salaam from Birmingham.

Why Go Dar es Salaam?
Settled on the calm shores of Indian Ocean on the eastern edge of Africa, this Tanzanian city showed nice speed of development over few years. Increasing rate of tourists visiting this chaotic yet beautiful city played a big role behind that development. But the question is why traveling in this less developed city grown over the years. Let's find out reasons why one should choose this city over many other highly developed cities.

Mixed Culture: Dar es Salaam portrays an amazing blend of South Asian (mainly Indian) , African and Muslim cultures, which you cannot find elsewhere in the world, giving you an experience where you can see mixtures of all great qualities of these cultures and making one different culture.

Untouched Natural Beauty: Dar es Salaam is home for one of the most untouched and almost virgin beaches, which are literally a treat for the eyes and soul, making it a perfect choice for short holidays in the region, where you can enjoy great holidays with your family, mates or beloveds. In recent trends it is observed that more honeymoon couples and families visited Dar es Salaam than single people or businessmen.

Calmness: For a long time Dar es Salaam had been unnoticed, reasons are unknown but this is an ugly truth that such a beautiful city had been ignored for such a long time, making this city still less crowded from international tourists and helped this city in preserving its calmness. As result Dar es Salaam is still living the meaning of its name "abode of peace".

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Find out Authentic Markets to Go for Shopping in Cairo

Have you ever fantasized about living at a place in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by desert and a city filled with ancient architecture and living with people following old rituals and traditions? This might be just a small dream but all this can be found at the ancient country of Egypt. Misr or Egypt is a fascinating country that has huge followers of ancient culture and traditions.

This country is lush with many amazing cities but there is only one crown for everyone and so is with Egypt. Cairo is like the diadem of Egypt that spotted this ancient country on global map and made an identity of this beautiful country. Cairo is the home of the oldest one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Pyramid of Giza. This city is not only famous for the ancient site but also is a popular city for its amazing and genuine markets. Take cheap flights to Cairo and enjoy a wonderful time shopping at its authentic markets and malls.

Thing to Know Before Planning Holidays in Cairo

Have a blasting time at the fantasizing city of Egypt where you can enjoy visiting the legendary and dazzling sites while enjoying great time shopping at art galleries, handicraft shops and much more. Take Holiday packages for this city from Crystal Travel and Tours that offers best deals on cheap tickets to Cairo carried by Tam Airlines Flights to give get best flying experience of all time.

Places for Shopping in Cairo

With Flight Tickets for Cairo you can enjoy the fascinating and thrilling sites of the city and side by side go for shopping at the authentic and amazing markets of the city that are quite famous for artifacts and ancient look-alike stuff. You will love the markets here as there are tons of shops and stores where you can buy all the stuff that can go with any drawing room settings.

Pull out some extra money to spend over beautiful showpieces by taking Discounted flights to Cairo. There is a small list of shops and markets with their specialties from where you can buy all the goods required during vacations.

Khan Al-Khalili – It is a great market surrounded by architectural buildings at Al-Azhar street from where you can get all the cheap local stuff at a very low price. Being the flea market this usually remains crowded and you have to bargain a lot as the shopkeepers puts the rate higher in front of foreigners.

Townhouse Gallery – This is a contemporary gallery at Pasha Street that has all the traditional copies that look alike old artifacts and are comparatively cheap then usually found.

Dr. Ragab Papyrus Institute – This is a famous place at Corniche el-Nil to buy all the ancient and historical paintings. The prices are little high but reasonable.

Three Pyramids Bazaar – This is a primary market at Abuelhoul Street from where you can buy any commodity at a very reasonable price. The market is located close to the city center and has shops selling almost everything with huge brands and traditional outlets.

Nashwa Art Store – This is probably the most famous art gallery of the city at New Cairo from where you can buy as well as observe the old style of arts and crafts of Egyptian civilization.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Change the Flavors on Tongue at Egyptian Eateries in Cairo

Take some time and listen to your heart which is actually eager to take an escape from all the dull and irritating lifestyle we have such days in the struggle of earning bread and butter and for many people, something more than that. This is the situation when you really need to take a step and utilize your upcoming breaks and escape for a nice outing with family, friends and beloveds. The best place to escape for people who likes to go for adventure and fantasy islands is Egypt.

Egypt or commonly known as Misr is among the most searched and hot favorite places of the world due to its highly fascinating tales and amazing range of historical sites. The country comprises with not only history or culture but now is the home of one of the seven wonder of World, the Great Pyramid of Giza. The native city of Giza is Cairo which has been the center of attraction in entire Egypt and highly visited city by voyagers taking cheap flights to Cairo from London Heathrow.

Suggested Ways to Follow for Trip to Cairo

The most gracious holidays will be all yours with the bonus of delicious food and loads of shopping at this wonderful city while accompanying of beloveds. Take services from Crystal Travel and Tours that offers the best deals on cheap tickets to Cairo of Malaysian Airlines Flights that is giving away all the happy memories and astonishing flying experience ever that will take your heart away and give the best comfort to continue the journey after long haul flight.

Top Restaurants and Eateries in Cairo to Enjoy the Most Exquisite Cuisine

Book Flight Tickets to Cairo from Manchester and have the best time with beloveds and check out the delicious cuisines ever in Egypt. Here we have a list of best places to have lunch and dinner with beloveds and friends where you can taste the real flavors of Egyptian culture.

Koshari al-Tahrir – This is an amazing restaurant in the city located at Sharia Abd el-Khalik Sarwat where you can get an exquisite range of food prepared by professional Egyptian chefs. The taste of food here is amazing and you will be carrying the flavors for a very long time. Do not forget to taste Kushari and Fatta that are the most famous and amazing dishes of this restaurant.

Koshary Abou Tarek – This is the restaurant that is under the good books of frequently visiting voyagers located at Maarouf Street where you can get all the lip-smacking dishes at such a cheap price. Feseekh and Halawa are the key dishes of this restaurant’s menu which will take your heart away.

Sequoia – This restaurant is the most famous restaurant in the city located at Abou El Feda Street serving utterly delightful Egyptian cuisines. The taste of Dukkah and Gibna Domiati in this restaurant is best and you will find it extremely cheap after enjoying the great services and decent ambience which is like icing on the cake.

Abou el-Sid – This restaurant is the best restaurant in the city as per visitor’s comments and expert reviews located at July Street serving the best Ful Medames and Konafah in the entire city. The services are spectacular and non-veg. here is quite fresh and delicious.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Markets and Shopping Malls in Accra You Would Love To Explore

Glamorous clothes, classy attire, sparkling shoes, perfumes, accessories, and many other things are the stuff that makes your personality a little different from others. All these things play a contributing factor in your personality. Usually these stuffs are preferred if bought from some other lands far away from home and have a unique relevance. For that purpose tons of voyagers visits many amazing cities around the world and go for such stuff while enjoying their vacations.

Ghana is a very beautiful country in Africa and leads a huge interest of voyagers who loves to explore something new every year. This country is lush with number of amazing cities and the best part to visit in Ghana is its capital, Accra. Have the best time with beloveds and gather some nostalgic memories at this wonderful city with cheap flights to Accra from London Heathrow.

Arrival, Commuting and Accommodation in Accra

Spend the most beautiful time at this magnificent Ghanaian city with friends and family while exploring and enjoying the best sites, landscapes and tourists hotspots of this metropolitan. Take holiday packages for Accra from Crystal Travel and Tours that offering cheap tickets to Accra from Manchester at lowest price carried by Srilankan Airline Flights to get maximum satisfaction and comfortable flying experience.

Markets and Malls in Accra

Book Airline Ticket for Accra and have the most desired and magnificent time with beloveds enjoying the landscapes, sites, museums, landmarks tasting delicious food and adventurous activities while visiting the best markets and shopping malls in the city that are lush with everything you required during or after vacations. Here we have a list of best markets, malls and street shops in the city where you can enjoy shopping.

Makola Market

This is a flea market with its own identity spread in a huge area selling all kind of stuff that will go with your dining room and drawing room setting. The commodities are extremely cheap and high quality and you would love to take all of it at home.

Accra Mall 

This is the most renowned mall at Spintex Road and has hundreds of shops with many branded and local outlets selling all kinds of products including clothes, accessories, shoes, artifacts, souvenirs and much more at a reasonable price.

Mercy Ocansey Batik Shop 

This is a shop very renowned store at 4th Lane that has a huge collection of traditional and international designed dresses. Some of them are ready to use and some will need to get a fitting final touch. You would love to buy many clothes from here as the prices are very reasonable.

Tiga African Art Consultancy

This is the most amazing art gallery in the city and has tons of artifacts and masterpiece that will go with every setting and will look extremely exclusive. The artifacts are extremely cheap and will look so luxurious that people who look in your room will feel envy from you.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Accra Ghana – Holiday with Countless Experiences

A cornucopia of joy awaits travelers at Accra
It is easy to avail cheap tickets to Accra Ghana from London Heathrow. Accra is the capital of Ghana and is also the largest city in its country. It is the largest metropolis as well. The city’s architecture reflects its heritage which has a lot of British influence as Accra as it was ruled by the British in its early years. So learn more and experience more of Accra by booking an affordable plane ticket to Accra, Ghana from Crystal Travel, the world class travel booking expert. 
Climatic Conditions of Accra Ghana

It is advisable for those who plan on vacationing in Accra, to book inexpensive tickets to Accra Ghana from London Heathrow according to the season they would prefer. Accra has a tropical climate that borderlines on being called a semi arid climatic. It has two rainy seasons in a year. The major rains begin in April ending in Mid July. The second seasonal rainfall is generally from the month of October. Cooler months in Accra are generally more humid than the warm months.

A Span of lovely places to visit in Accra Ghana

Although it is a small city as compared to others, it has a lot of places that are a must see when holidaying in Accra Ghana. Some of them are as follows:

 National Museum
·        National Theatre
·        Bazaars
·        Textile markets
·        Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum
·        National Monuments of Usher Fort and  James Fort
·        Osu castle
·        Beachfronts
·        Golden Jubilee House
·        Accra Sports Stadium
·        Independence Square
·        Ghana- India Kofi Annan center of Excellence in ICT

Food - A Culture in itself in Accra Ghana

Accra is famous for its own traditional dishes which are must haves when boarding low budget airlines to Accra Ghana from UK. Some of these are a must try when traveling to Accra:

·        Kenkey
·        Akyeke
·        Fante Dorkunu
·        Akple
·        Abolo
·        Nkotomire
·        Tuo  Zaafi
·        Pito
·        Zom koom
·        Koose

Entertainment and Enjoyment in Accra Ghana

There are several pubs for those flying on an economic flight tickets to Accra Ghana from London Heathrow and are in need of a cold chilled hard drink. Some of these places are listed below.

·        Ryan’s Irish Pub
·        Champs Sports Bar
·        Osekan
·        Indigo
·        Venus Cocktail Bar
·        Duncan’s Bar
·        Bywel’s Bar
·        Macumba
·        Bass Line
·        Vienna City Entertainment Complex
·        Jazz tone

So, as stated above there are various places to visit and enjoy oneself after buying a cheap flight tickets to Accra, Ghana. Have you booked yours yet?

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Combine Seductive Shadows of Bygone Days with Cheap Flights Tickets to Cairo

Cheap tickets to Cairo from London Heathrow has long been fulfilling the desires of thousands of history aficionados Londoners want to capture finest dots of histrionic history. Cairo, one of the most brightening stopovers over the world’s travel map, is suffused with a distinctive array of charmers credibly turning on global travelers over the years; and its historical sites are certainly top of that list.

The moment you hop off your Cairo cheap flight an unpredicted scene of dramatic polluted roads full of long lines of radiant painted vehicles crying to form a zoo-like traffic jam catch you in just no time, but don’t let it take you away from exploring the myriad of mystical sculptures standing across the Egypt's capital town.
No doubt, people taking cheap flights tickets to Cairo, have Pyramids of Giza as their first place to visit in the city — but wander ahead and you’ll find a different world.

                               Top Five Historical Places to Visit in Cairo, Egypt

Here in this article, check out Crystal Travel’s Expert’s recommendations to travelers buying low cost  air tickets:
1. Great Pyramids of Giza
Cairo is a hot town, the sun remains on top most of the time of day; but before the sun takes the city down under, reach where almost all UK travelers want to reach through cheap flights tickets to Cairo from London Heathrow, great Pyramids of Giza. The world renowned tombs, settled over the higher sides of desert situated on the western edges of the town, get huge attractions from all corners of the world; and undoubtedly worth a visit.
Marvelous examples of incredible craftsmanship and miraculous architectures, Queen's Chamber, Grand Gallery, King's Chamber and several more will take no time to steal your heart, starving hard to be clicked.
2. Old Cairo Town
The oldest part of the town gives you golden chance to head off for a remarkable sightseeing to antique buildings and colonial structures. Just put your steps little ahead towards Bein al-Qasreen and a chaotic maze of magnificent mosques and olden residence that have still been terrifically preserved and require no charges for exploring. Move little further following the shades in its mesmerizing boulevards and the glamorous gate of Bab Zuweila along with near by minaret let you step back in the era of golden past days.     

3. Coptic Cairo
Actually, the region is of Coptic Cairo, centered over the southern ends from the heart of town, is home of museums, colonial monasteries and churches, conveying the story of beginning of Christianity – the other face of Egypt’s pearl town. The way you can book cheap flights to Cairo from London Heathrow, travelers can easily reach here by local metros.

4. Outskirt Cairo
If even Pyramids of Giza and other attractions of the city get short to please you, just move nowhere else to the outside parts of this city of a thousand of minarets. Retired ruins of Saqqara along the western banks of Nile, where you can glimpse pyramid of Djoser, Red Pyramid, the Bent Pyramid, throw a distinctive opportunity to use your camera again and again — and also, a very calm and less crowdie part of the town.

5. The Dashing Downtown
The city at his center is too stuffed with a big array of charmers, so don’t just miss downtown Cairo anyhow. The region full of its hundreds relic buildings was supposed to be construed around the beginning of 19th century, giving captivating Cairo a fabulous tourist driven flavor. 
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