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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Exploit the ‘Second London’ of the African Continent with Flights to Abuja

The city of Abuja is a striking and rambling city hallowed with artistically God-made ordinary and architectural magnetized attractions. It is alienated into few districts which houses countless traditional and enriching structures. The city is crammed much more than Lagos but continues to welcome packs of visitors from round the world.

The astonishing conurbation has immeasurable prevailing features on the tranquil backdrops like the gigantic Aso Rock that is positioned on the periphery of the city has recently been founded by the erosions of waters collected since ages.  Nonetheless there are a fist-full of attractions in the capital of Ghana that excites charming travellers to take cheap international flights to Abuja from London Heathrow.

Enjoy this tourist friendly city best in the month of October.

The Spectacular Rocks & Hills of Abuja: With low cost flights to Abuja avail the chance to visit the rambling rocks and hills of the Abuja. The very personality of Abuja has been fashioned by the two distinguished rock pattern that one gets to see. Namely the Aso and Zuma Rock. These were previously referred to as the ‘Spectacular Gateway to Abuja', and still bears the name.

Zuma Rock: The noteworthy and marvelous Zuma is positioned a little off the core area that goes from Abuja to the area of Kaduna which is undeniably of great worth to visit. Enjoy the services and facilities which magnetize tourists from the surrounding area to board dirt cheap flights to Abuja Nigeria. These riveting places are enough to Abuja to be toured in a day.

Aso Rock: The Aso Rock is few of those prevalent rock arrangements contained by the close propinquity to the main Abuja City. The foremost axis of the Central District rises to virtually 400 meters above the sea level and towers grandly at the backdrop of the Three Arms Zone. It is so named as this area is the habitat to the National Assembly, Presidential Complex and the majestic Supreme Court. With cheap flights you can also avail all-inclusive vacation packages to Abuja.

This city derivatives its name from the term ‘Aso' which means triumph and was formerly called “Asokoro” or the ‘valiant people of victory’. The innovative village of Asokoro was foremost positioned at the bottom of the rock and survived there for centuries after centuries. Plan your vacations with Right flights to Abuja to view the breath-taking architecture and natural wonders of the city and the surroundings.
Minister's Hill: With cheapest airfares to Abuja Nigeria you can witness the Ministers Hill is an array of hills advantageously nested further than the environs of the Maitama District. The stunning panoramic sight atop the hill envelops the whole Maitama District. After speculating this region one can advance towards the Dutse range which is a bit further away. It is a wildlife haven for several forms of animals with baboons being the most prominent.

With cheap flights uk to Abuja Nigeria from London get a possibility of exploring this tantalizing city of Africa. The Abuja Nursery is also a must-visit which is positioned at the foot of Aso Rock. It is a botanical garden with a shocking assortment of species of fruits, trees, flowers and countless other plants.

National Arboretum: With Abuja flights discover the Nation Arboretum which can be accessed by tourists and other guests with special entrée passes. The reason of the Arboretum is to preserve the forest and added plant life surrounded in their innovative natural condition.


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