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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Change the Flavors on Tongue at Egyptian Eateries in Cairo

Take some time and listen to your heart which is actually eager to take an escape from all the dull and irritating lifestyle we have such days in the struggle of earning bread and butter and for many people, something more than that. This is the situation when you really need to take a step and utilize your upcoming breaks and escape for a nice outing with family, friends and beloveds. The best place to escape for people who likes to go for adventure and fantasy islands is Egypt.

Egypt or commonly known as Misr is among the most searched and hot favorite places of the world due to its highly fascinating tales and amazing range of historical sites. The country comprises with not only history or culture but now is the home of one of the seven wonder of World, the Great Pyramid of Giza. The native city of Giza is Cairo which has been the center of attraction in entire Egypt and highly visited city by voyagers taking cheap flights to Cairo from London Heathrow.

Suggested Ways to Follow for Trip to Cairo

The most gracious holidays will be all yours with the bonus of delicious food and loads of shopping at this wonderful city while accompanying of beloveds. Take services from Crystal Travel and Tours that offers the best deals on cheap tickets to Cairo of Malaysian Airlines Flights that is giving away all the happy memories and astonishing flying experience ever that will take your heart away and give the best comfort to continue the journey after long haul flight.

Top Restaurants and Eateries in Cairo to Enjoy the Most Exquisite Cuisine

Book Flight Tickets to Cairo from Manchester and have the best time with beloveds and check out the delicious cuisines ever in Egypt. Here we have a list of best places to have lunch and dinner with beloveds and friends where you can taste the real flavors of Egyptian culture.

Koshari al-Tahrir – This is an amazing restaurant in the city located at Sharia Abd el-Khalik Sarwat where you can get an exquisite range of food prepared by professional Egyptian chefs. The taste of food here is amazing and you will be carrying the flavors for a very long time. Do not forget to taste Kushari and Fatta that are the most famous and amazing dishes of this restaurant.

Koshary Abou Tarek – This is the restaurant that is under the good books of frequently visiting voyagers located at Maarouf Street where you can get all the lip-smacking dishes at such a cheap price. Feseekh and Halawa are the key dishes of this restaurant’s menu which will take your heart away.

Sequoia – This restaurant is the most famous restaurant in the city located at Abou El Feda Street serving utterly delightful Egyptian cuisines. The taste of Dukkah and Gibna Domiati in this restaurant is best and you will find it extremely cheap after enjoying the great services and decent ambience which is like icing on the cake.

Abou el-Sid – This restaurant is the best restaurant in the city as per visitor’s comments and expert reviews located at July Street serving the best Ful Medames and Konafah in the entire city. The services are spectacular and non-veg. here is quite fresh and delicious.


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